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True Fleet Management

Optimise your club's operations and offer your guests unparalleled convenience.

No More Keys.
No more keys means no more limits. Our system enables your carts to be locked and unlocked digitally and securely. Handling keys becomes optional, with our unique Keyless and Key modes, you retain the flexibility to operate the way which suits you best.
Extended Operating Hours.
Empower your guests to hire carts at their convenience, boosting your revenue and maximising the turnover of your fleet. Imagine the possibilities - twilight rounds or early morning tees without the constraints of key handling or pro shop hours.
No Installation or Setup Fees.
Get started right away with zero setup or installation fees. IOTee can be installed by anyone, with no need for on-site mapping or time-consuming setup.
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Manage your fleet like a pro.

Increase your rentals, free up your staff and offer your customers unparalleled convenience.

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Keyless Access
Enjoy the convenience of multiple ways to lock and unlock carts. No more keys, no more fuss. Control it all right from your dashboard, bookings and more...
Live Tracking
Get real-time insights with our advanced tracking, providing driver information and location reports every 10 seconds. You'll always know where your carts are.
Reservations have never been simpler. Set up bookings and provide guests with seamless access to carts, eliminating the need for traditional key exchanges. Experience the ease and swift operations at your command.
Member Codes & Usage Credits
Provide your regular guests and staff with unique access codes, simplifying your day-to-day operations. Utilize our smart credit system to regulate access codes effectively, tailoring usage to individual needs.
Scan-to-Ride Payments & Scheduled Pricing
Offer your guests the ultimate convenience with scan-to-ride payments right at the cart. Streamline your operations while boosting guest satisfaction.
Make data-driven decisions with comprehensive rental histories at your disposal. From drive trails and driver details to durations and more, you have it all.


Here's what our customers are saying:

“We at Tange Sø Golf Club are in the 2nd year of using IOTee and we are really happy with the system. We are in the situation that our buggy home is a little away from the clubhouse and previously had to leave keys out for members and guests in a key cabinet. Now they will be sent a code so they can pick up the buggy and pay via Scan-to-Ride or in the clubhouse at the green fee machine and it prevents guests from taking the key home with them. We highly recommend IOTee!”

Tange Sø Golfklub

“IOTee has made it more convenient for our members to access carts when our proshop is closed. They no longer need to pick up keys from us first. Not only has this change been more efficient for our members, but it has also alleviated the issue of misplacing keys. We deliberately chose IOTee for part of our fleet to accomodate for our older members but they in particular are now enthusiastic about the uncomplicated access to the cart in the early morning.”

Golfclub Schloss Monrepos

“We have always had issues with guests taking a different cart to the one we gave them or not returning keys which left our fleet very hard to manage. We chose to add IOTee to our fleet of 20 carts so that we could have full control again. Since IOTee was installed, we have been running all our carts in keyless mode which has completely solved this problem. Now only we can release carts from our proshop and trust that they can only drive the correct cart and members who have keys can no longer use them!”

Europa-Park Golfclub

Built by Experts, in Europe

Our team joins experts from both Golf Fleet Management Software and Golf Cart Sales & Distribution. We're passionate about golf carts, and with our combined knowledge and experience, we put our heads together to build IOTee incorporating real-world insights from Golf Courses and Fleet Operators globally.

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